2018 NAQC Conference - Thursday

New AirNow-Tech Features and Demonstration
Alan Chan (Sonoma Technology, Inc.)
Current Activities in Forecasting,
Mapping, and Modeling

Moderator: Nyasha Dunkley (Georgia Department Natural Resources)
Air Quality Outreach and Education in Texas A Local Government Perspective
Moderator: Pharr Andrews (City of Austin)
Panelists include:
  • Mindy Mize (North Central Texas Council of Governments -Dallas-Fort Worth Area)
  • Sharon Lewis (City of Corpus Christi)
  • Anton Cox (Capital Area Council of Governments -Austin-Round Rock Area)
  • Lily Lowder (Alamo Area Council of Governments - San Antonio-New Braunfels Area)
Air Quality Forecasting: Tools and Techniques
Moderator: Cary Gentry (Forsyth County Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection)
Air Sensors and Citizen Science
Moderator: Tim Dye (TD Environmental Services, LLC)
Exceptional Events Rule Updates and Perspectives
Moderator: Brad Poiriez (Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District)
Air Pollution and Public Health: Communicating Risk
Moderator: Christina Baghdikian (EPA/ORD)
Case Studies, Data Analysis, and Modeling Tools
Moderator: Gary Morris (St. Edward’s University)
Innovative Outreach Initiatives
Moderator: Jamie Arno (Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District)
AirNow is approaching 20…What should happen in the next Decade?
Phil Dickerson, AirNow Program Director (EPA/OAQPS)
John E. White, AirNow Program Manager (EPA/OAQPS)