Four Steps to Starting a Program

Use the Quick Start Guide or follow these four steps to implement a flag program in your organization:

1. Purchase the flags

A set of 5 flags costs about $100. Here are some flag ordering tips.

2. Educate your organization and the community

Learn about the Air Quality Index colors and read through the Coordinator Handbook and the Fact Sheet.

Use the sample parent letter or employee email and the sample press release to tell people about the program.

Schools may want to check out additional materials specifically for students and teachers, and put up the Air Quality Flag poster in hallways or classrooms to remind everyone what the colors mean.

3. Fly the day's flag

Sign up for a daily email about the air quality forecast or you can download the Flag Program widget to your homepage. The email and the widget tell you which flag to fly each day.

4. Take actions when the air quality is unhealthy

See what actions to take for each color with the activity guides, while still keeping the community active.

Please complete this online registration form when you adopt a flag program. EPA will add your organization to the online list of program participants and to our Story Map.