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For Schools

Classroom Materials

  • Poster for Schools (PDF, 1 p., 1.4MB, about PDF) - This 18" X 24" poster, which can be displayed anywhere in your school (classrooms, front office) as a reminder of the different flag colors. The poster is not meant to replace the Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidance for Schools, which gives teachers, coaches, and parents more detail about what actions to take for each flag color.

    You can order the Air Quality Flag Program for Schools Poster directly from EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) (

    • The item number is EPA-456H15001.
    • Schools and libraries may order up to 10 copies each. Larger numbers will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

    Your publication requests can also be mailed, called or faxed directly to:

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    National Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP)
    P.O. Box 42419 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-0419
    Phone (800) 490-9198 Fax (301) 483-8659

  • Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidance for Schools - The health benefits of regular exercise are well documented. The intent of this chart is to help children continue to exercise while protecting their health when air quality is in unhealthy ranges. (Updated 8/2014)

  • Why is Coco Orange? - Coco the chameleon introduces children age K-2 to the concept of air quality, and how to recognize symptoms and take action when air quality is bad.

  • Coloring Page (PDF, 1 p., 1.95MB, about PDF)

  • Activity Sheet (Grade K) (PDF, 1 p., 235KB, about PDF)

  • Activity Sheet (Grades 1-2) (PDF, 1 p., 238KB, about PDF)

  • Activity Sheet (Grades 3-5) (PDF, 1 p., 147KB, about PDF)

  • Air Quality Simulator: Smog City 2

  • Sample Parent Letter (PDF, 1 p., 80KB, about PDF)

Other Materials for Kids

  • Girl Scout Activity Booklet (PDF, 7 pp., 121KB, about PDF)

  • Air Quality Website for Kids - What should you do when the Air Quality Index is orange? Let the chameleons K.C., Koko, and Kool, show you how EPA measures pollution in the air. (For Ages 7 - 10);When is the best day to go outside and play? Buster Butterfly shows you when the air is clean and it's good to play outside and when you should stay inside to play. (For grades K-1)

  • Air Quality Website for Students - Learn about ozone and particle pollution by viewing the animations at right. Click on "Smog City" below to see how individual choices, environmental factors and land use contribute to air pollution. The links above and at the lower right will provide students and teachers with more information about ozone, particle pollution, and the Air Quality Index.


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