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AirNow-International (AirNow-I)

What is AirNow-International?

AirNow-International (AirNow-I) is a stand-alone, international version of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) real-time air quality data management and display system known as AirNow. AirNow-I includes a suite of software for data processing, quality control methods, system monitoring, and graphical output that allows tailoring for your country/region/language need.


  • Helps decision makers communicate the connection between air pollution, health, and sustainability goals, and helps involve the public in efforts to improve air quality
  • Promotes sustainable development by facilitating air quality management programs
  • Supports better public health and environment around the world through air quality data sharing and scientist to scientist knowledge exchange and cooperation
  • Meets World Health Organization goals to raise public awareness, warn of pollution episodes, and advise sensitive populations

How can my country or organization benefit from using the AirNow-I system?

  • Help protect public health with air quality alerts when air pollution is high
  • Help determine the best air quality control measures for your region. These could include:
    • No-drive days and other traffic controls;
    • Pedestrian friendly zones;
    • Stationary source controls; and
    • Fuel changes and clean energy
  • Link real-time air quality data from mega-events (such as the Olympics with past trends to assess the effectiveness of control programs.
  • Post real-time traffic information and AirNow-I data to show links between traffic activity and air quality
  • Educate the public about air quality improvements over time from environmental initiatives by comparing real-time air quality data to past trends and health standards
  • Distribute data feeds and products to decision-makers and the public
  • Join in worldwide cooperation among air quality agencies and the U.S. EPA
  • Access to state-of-the-art, community supported software

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What are the AirNow-I system features?

AirNow-International allows you to manage, access, and track your real-time air quality data with a proven, effective system that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. The Data Management System (DMS) allows you to collect and organize your air quality and other environmental data. The Information Management System (IMS) provides a way to distribute and create the products you would like to share. Multi-lingual user interfaces are available for both DMS and IMS.

Data Mangement System

  • Automated features:
    • Data collection and processing
    • Quality control of real-time data
    • Data aggregation (e.g.: 1-hour average from 1-minute data) and calculation
    • Data summary exports
    • System monitoring
    • Email notifications if quality control checks fail
  • Customizable features:
    • Quality control checks by site, pollutant, and duration (hourly and minute-by-minute)
    • Data plots for air quality and meteorological data analysis and comparison
    • Data summaries and reports
    • Data access or permission levels for individual users
  • Additional features:
    • Maintains chain of custody/history of data edits by users and reasons
    • Maintains logs of system changes

Information Management System

  • Monitors and tracks the creation and distribution of products
  • Provides flexibility to add new customized programs and data products
  • Controls data distribution and sharing
  • Manages and monitors web services
  • Converts data to user-friendly products (e.g., KML files for Google Earth display)
  • Schedules product creation
  • Distributes products

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