Teacher's Air Quality Resources - Activities and Materials

  • Students Page Ages 7 - 10 By using three colorful chameleons, this Web site shows children how to moderate their activity to safely play outside when air pollution levels are elevated. Teacher's Materials 
  • Students Page Ages 4 - 7 
  • Students Ages 11 and up  Learn about ozone, particle pollution and the Air Quality Index by viewing animations or by using the on-line air pollution simulator "Smog City 2". Teacher's Materials
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  • Air Quality Flag Program - The Flag Program uses colored flags based on U.S. EPA's Air Quality Index (AQI) to notify teachers, students, school personnel and members of the community of air quality conditions.
  • Hands-on Activities and Other Resources on Air Quality and Climate Change for Teachers - EPA researchers have developed several hands-on activities for teachers and others to use in the classroom and other educational settings.