Ordering Free Flag Program Materials

Most of the Air Quality Flag Program outreach and educational materials can be downloaded on the Flag Program website at www.airnow.gov/flag. However, if you need multiple copies or don’t have access to a printer, select materials can be ordered for free from the National Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP). These can be found by searching “air quality flag program” on the NSCEP website or by referring to the list and order numbers below.

  • Search for the item at NSCEP using the title or item number. NOTE: The item number is also needed to place the order.
  • Quantities are sometimes limited - this will be noted on the order page if applicable.

Your publication requests can also be mailed, called in or faxed to:

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • P.O. Box 42419
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-0419
  • Phone (800) 490-9198
  • Fax (301) 483-8659

Please refer to the EPA item number when ordering.

Available resources and item numbers:

  • What Color is Your Air Today? Bookmark: 456F17005
  • Why Is Coco Orange? Picture Book: 456K19001
  • Air Quality Flag Program Postcard : 456F18003
  • Air Quality Flag Program for Schools Poster:456H15001
  • Air Quality Flag Program Poster (non-schools):56H15003
  • Air Quality Flag Program Communities Poster: 456H20001
  • Air Quality Flag Program Quick Start Guide: 456F15011
  • Air Quality Flag Program Coordinator Handbook: 456B15001
  • Air Quality Flag Program Fact Sheet: 456F20001
  • Air Quality Flag Program and Older Adults: 456F17003
  • Bird’s Eye View Lesson Plan: 456B19002
  • What's Up There Besides Air?: 456F20004
  • Whirling Swirling Air Pollution: 456B20005