Air Quality Flag Program Classroom Curriculum

Air Quality Flag Program lessons in Spanish

Coloring page thumbnail

Coloring Page

Young students can color this scene from the book, Why is Coco Orange?


Activity Sheet (Grade K)

What Color is Your Air Today?- Color the flag to match the sentence.

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Activity sheet (Grades 1-2)

What Color is Your Air Today?- Complete the sentence and color the flag.

Bird's Eye View Lesson Plan thumbnail

Bird's Eye View Lesson Plan (Grades K-5)

Identify sources of air pollution and compare air samples.

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Activity Sheets (Grades 3-5)

What Color is Your Air Today?- Compete each sentence and draw a line from each flag to the correct statement.

What's Up There Besides Air thumbnail

What's Up There Besides Air (Grades 3-5)

 List how we know air pollution is present and some of their characteristics.

Air Strips Lesson Plan thumbnail

Air Strips Lesson Plan (Grades 6-8)

Collect and analyze particulate matter in test areas around the school.

Field Testing for Ozone Lesson Plan thumbnail

Ozone Field Testing Lesson Plan (Grades 6-12)

Discuss air quality issues involving tropospheric and stratospheric ozone and perform an experiment showing the effects of ozone on certain materials.

Paper Wad Game thumbnail

Particulate Pollution Paper Wad Game (Grades 6-12)

Identify sources of particle pollution, learn about associated health issues, and identify ways to reduce particle pollution.

Whirling Swirling Air Pollution thumbnail

Whirling Swirling Air Pollution (Grades 9- Adult)

What air pollutants do we contribute to the air daily, and how can we reduce our contribution?

Morning Announcements thumbnail

Morning Announcements

Add a message during your school announcements to talk about the AQI for the day.

Girl Scout Activity Thumbnail

Girl Scout Cadettes Journey – Breathe Air Quality

Without thinking about it, we breathe air all day and all night long. So it’s easy to take air for granted. This lesson will remind you that clean air is one of our greatest natural resources – one on which our lives depend.

Image of the green flag with activity message

Virtual Flag Display

Download this file to use on your school screens to virtually display the daily air quality forecast