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Forecast Discussion: Current Conditions: As of 2 PM on Friday, mostly sunny skies prevail over the region as an area of high pressure remains in place over the New England states. The clockwise flow around the high is helping to steer our winds out of the east today. As a result, we have seen temperatures rise near the 70 degree mark and air quality levels hang in the low moderate range. Expect PM 2.5 levels over the weekend to hang in the moderate range as warm and moist conditions dominate our weather. A frontal passage late Sunday into Monday will force PM 2.5 levels to drop to the good range for early next week. Now onto the day-to-day details... *** On Saturday, mostly sunny skies will continue to persist over western PA as the area of high pressure, which was off to our north on Friday, moves off the eastern US coastline. The return flow on the backside of the high will be out of the south. It is these southerly winds coupled with the sunshine that will force temperatures into the mid to upper 70s. The southerly winds will also deliver a more moist air mass to the region. The combination of the warmer temperatures and the increased dewpoints will force PM 2.5 levels into the moderate range. *** For Sunday, expect the skies to turn mostly cloudy as the high pressure system, which was in control of our weather on Saturday, moves into the Atlantic. At the same time, a new frontal system will push through the Great Lakes / Ohio Valley region toward our area. As a result, expect the chance of rain to increase during the day. Southwesterly winds will continue to persist in advance of the front. Therefore, high temperatures are still expected to make their way into the mid 70s. The air mass will be even be more humid than Saturday. Therefore, expect PM 2.5 concentrations to reach the moderate threshold once again. *** On Monday, partly sunny skies will persist after the cold front, which pushed through late on Sunday, pushes off to our east. On the backside of the front, a new area of high pressure will build in over the Great Lakes. The positioning of this high will steer our flow back out of the north, allowing cooler and drier air to build southward across our area. As a result, expect afternoon highs to only peak in the mid 60s. Air quality levels will take a hit as well. The origin of the air mass will be from Canada so expect PM 2.5 levels to fall well within the good category. *** Extended Outlook: As we take a peek into next week, we notice that the work week will start off on the cool side after a frontal passage on Sunday delivers a Canadian air mass for our area. The main driver of the cooler weather, an area of high pressure residing over the Great Lakes, will shift east through the week. This high will finally shift east of our area in the Thursday / Friday time frame. Therefore, expect PM 2.5 levels to stay within the good range for the first half of the work week. It isn't until the warm and moist conditions return for the second half of the week that PM 2.5 levels are likely to rise back into the moderate range. --Nolan

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