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Health Message: Unusually sensitive people should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.
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Forecast Discussion: With the northerly winds, ozone and PM2.5 levels have remained good for this week. Those dry, northerly winds will continue through the day on Friday, between 5-10 mph. Even with temperatures reaching close to 70 degrees, air quality should remain good for Friday. Saturday, the winds shift to the west as a high pressure system settles in over southern Indiana and northern Kentucky. Winds will be calm to start the day, but increase to about 5 mph. Temperatures will reach the low to mid 70’s. Dew points will start to increase slowly, but there probably is not enough moisture available to create any PM2.5 issues. However, there could be some moderate readings for ozone. Winds shift to the south on Sunday between 5-10 mph as the high pressure system shifts to the southeast. There will be a slight chance of rain throughout the day in central Indiana. Temperatures warm up a couple of degrees to the mid to upper 70’s. Dew points also increase a few degrees. Air quality will probably be moderate for both PM2.5 and ozone. Temperatures continue to increase again on Monday, reach about 80 degrees. Dew points will be in the mid 50’s. Winds will be out of the southwest at 10-15 mph. The increased wind speed should bring PM2.5 levels down to good. However, could see some moderate ozone readings again.

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